Warranty | Premium Quality

Foppapedretti products are manufactured in compliance with the safety and quality requirements provided for by the European regulations currently in force and are guaranteed according to EC directive 1999/44/CE.

The guarantee covers the replacement or repair free of charge – within 6 months from the date of purchase – of the product or parts that may prove to be faulty due to manufacturing faults. Even after 6 months from the date of purchase, the company still guarantees customer service on its products up to a maximum of 1 years, after which time, each case will be assessed with regard to the possible steps to be taken. The customer service may repair the product or provide spare parts subject to payment or free of charge according to the circumstance.

The guarantee is only valid if it is accompanied by the receipt proving that the purchase was made at one of Foppapedretti’s authorized dealers and the date of purchase.

The guarantee is not valid if the product or its parts should prove to be faulty due to:

  • Improper use or use for purposes other than those expressly stated in the instruction manual;
  • Improper assembly, negligence, carelessness during use, or damaged caused by third parties;
  • Wear due to daily use (e.g. wheels, padding, etc.);
  • Repairs carried out by third parties or by dealers not authorized by Foppapedretti
  • Circumstances that cannot be blamed on manufacturing faults.

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