Safety guide for cribs


All of Foppapedretti's cribs are designed and constructed to offer you and your child the highest levels of functionality, comfort and safety.
The frames are all made of solid wood so that they are far more resistant, offer more protection and last much longer. They are assembled using only the finest quality joints and junctures, so that they are even more robust than standards require. And it's why they're treated with non-toxic varnishes and substances - so that they'll be very attractive, but, more importantly, incredibly safe.
Foppapedretti baby beds have passed the toughest controls and tests, and are in compliance with all of the strictest European regulations.


...with just a few simple moves, the side slides down under the drawer of the "Divanetto" cribs.


Foppapedretti baby beds are all made in Italy products, designed and manufactured in Italy. The wooden structure is made of wood from certified forests and the paint is entirely non-toxic.

It's a crib that was designed and manufactured in compliance with all the safety regulations and guarantees:
• That the proper safety distance has been kept between the bars, like all the other measurements, to prevent any part of the body from getting stuck.
• That it has been tested with static and moving objects to guarantee its resistance to even the most vivacious of toddlers.
• The height of the sides prevents the toddler from climbing over them from the inside.
• The lifting and lowering of the moveable side requires a double action that can only be done by an adult.
• All the edges and corners are rounded.
• The materials and paints used are non-toxic and free from any ingredient that may be hazardous to human health.
• There are no small pieces that can be accidentally swallowed by the baby.
• All of the instructions for use and the safety warnings needed for the correct use of this product are listed in the instructions manual.

We suggest:
• Read the warnings given in the instructions manual with care. Any product, even when constructed in compliance with European law, may be dangerous if used improperly.
• Do not use a damaged product or one that was previously used as it could have defects that are not visible (materials deteriorated by age or improper storage), or no longer be in compliance with current law.
• When you buy a childcare product, please take note of the age for which the product was designed.
• When you buy a product, especially a childcare product, make sure there is a reference to an EC law on the product or its wrapping: this guarantees that the product meets the requisites imposed by general safety laws.