Safety guide for high chairs


Foppapedretti's wooden high chairs are quality "Made in Italy" products, they are designed and manufactured in Italy. The wood comes only from certified forests and the paint used is entirely non-toxic.


A high chair that has been designed and manufactured in compliance with all the safety regulations guarantees that:
• The child is safely nestled in the chair and will not fall out.
• The dimensions are such that no part of the body will get stuck.
•The structure has undergone static and dynamic load tests to ensure the stability of the blocking mechanisms.
• The opening, closing and adjustment mechanisms require a double action that can only be performed by an adult, thus preventing accidental closure of the product.
• The product is entirely stable and, under normal conditions of use, will not tip over.
• It has undergone mechanical resistance and stability tests to ensure that it can withstand normal daily use without breaking or warping.
• It has rounded edges to ensure the child's safety.
•There are no small parts that can be accidentally ingested.
• The materials and paints used are entirely non-toxic and contain nothing that could be hazardous to human health.
• The instructions manual provides all the information and safety warnings you need to use the product correctly.
We suggest:
• That you carefully read the warnings found in the instruction manual. Any product, even in compliance with European regulations, can become a hazard if used improperly.
• Do not use a damaged product nor one that has been used before as there may be invisible damage (deteriorated materials due to age or improper storage) or it may not comply with current law.
• When you buy a product a child will use, please pay attention to the age for which the item was designed.
• When you buy a product, especially one a child will use, make sure there is a reference to an EC law on the product or the packaging: this will guarantee that the product is in compliance with the requisites of the general product safety laws.