Environmental Commitment

"Wood is a living material that is ecological and 100% recyclable. Wood is man's friend and lasts longer than a lifetime."


Wood is a living material.
We have always had the deepest respect for wood: we use wood from certified areas of the globe and from woods with reforestation projects governed by local laws and verified by rangers. This is how wood is constantly renewed.
Wood lasts longer than a lifetime.
It is a very resistant material and it becomes more beautiful with the passing of time: another reason why we make such high quality products.
Wood is man's friend.
Man has always relied on wood for almost everything: and until some 150 years ago wood was practically speaking the only source of renewable energy used by man.
Wood is 100% recyclable.
It is the most ecological of all materials, no bit of leftover wood goes to waste. Even the production residue is recycled to heat the Foppapedretti plants. Wood is an ecological fuel because when it burns it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed when it was a living tree.


All wooden Foppapedretti items are designed and produced in Italy: this is a guarantee of quality, utility and safety for the consumer, but also during each processing step.
When it comes to wood, quality means ecology. The sturdiness of our products gives trees the time to regenerate and thus the natural cycle is preserved: our products last longer than it takes a tree to grow and produce the same amount of wood needed to make another similar product.
The company has installed solar panels to meet much of its own electrical needs: the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions amounts to about 340 tons per year.
Another key concept is recycling. The air inside the plants is constantly being filtered to remove dust particles and then put back in circulation again.
And, finally, all the leftover bits of wood, chips, shavings and sawdust are recovered, crushed and, after a very complicated process, reused as fuel to heat the factories and offices and run some of the production facilities.
And our ecological commitment is not limited to wood. Foppapedretti uses water-based, non-toxic paints: a rather costly decision which, however, drastically reduces hazardous emissions, provides a safe working environment for our employees, non-toxic products for our clients and the recovery and reintegration of paint residue. Our commitment to the environment is constant.
Foppapedretti is a supporter of the non-profit Bioforest organisation for reforestation and the recovery of areas to promote a more environmentally aware industrial culture and contribute to the safeguarding of natural resources in a very real and tangible way. The company adheres to FSC ® (License Code FSC-C004369) procedures, an international trademark that labels products containing wood from forests that are correctly and responsibly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards. More and more often, wood is paired with innovative materials and the company is proud of its collaboration with renowned Italian and foreign designers.