"If it's useful, it's Foppapedretti. This is, in a nutshell, our philosophy: to design ways to make daily life simpler for you."


Because for 70 years, Foppapedretti has been synonymous with quality, function and safety. A corporate philosophy that applies to all wood products, but which has also proven true for 'tech' products made with metal and other recently introduced materials. For these, Foppapedretti sought out the best partners they could find on the domestic and international market, to guarantee the highest possible quality and safety standards. 


• made in Italy: all of the products made of wood are designed and produced in Italy to guarantee quality, reliability and safety for the consumer, but also for the worker during production.
• quality: thanks to the high quality of the materials, our products have a very long life. In terms of wood, quality means ecology: being long-lasting, Foppapedretti products gives the trees in protected forests time to regenerate.
• wood: is the main material used for almost all the products, it is 100% natural and ecological. The firm uses only wood from geographically certified areas and from woods with reforestation controlled by local regulations and verified by forest rangers.
• Environmental commitment Foppapedretti is a supporter of the non-profit Bioforest organisation for reforestation and the recovery of areas to promote a more environmentally aware industrial culture and contribute to the safeguarding of natural resources in a very real and tangible way. Not only, the company adheres to FSC ® (License Code FSC-C004369) procedures, an international trademark that labels products containing wood from forests that are correctly and responsibly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.
• water-based paints: our environmental commitment is not limited to wood! Foppapedretti uses non-toxic, water-based paint made by Icro Coatings: an expensive choice, but one that ensures a drastic reduction in the emission of toxic fumes into the air, a safe work environment for the employees, a safe product for the consumer and the recovery and reuse of paint residue.
• recycling: all the waste products from wood are recovered during each production phase and, after an elaborate process, turned into fuel to heat the production facilities and offices and to run some of the production plants. Furthermore, the air inside the plants is constantly filtered to remove dust particles and then recirculated.
• certificates: Foppapedretti has a long list of patents that have made its products unique and, although they are imitated, their design and high functionality cannot be replicated. Safety -alongside total quality - has always been our main objective. All of our products are in full compliance with European Union regulations and certifications.


Our most important client is the child.
The firm was founded 70 years ago to make toys that make children happy and, still today, we try to meet the needs of the child, and his or her parents, by making safe, high-quality products. Even by respecting the environment in which these children, our future, grow up and become adults.
We were among the first companies to make wooden high-chairs and today we are an important point of reference for cribs and furniture for the baby room, not to mention changing tables. Take the Foppapedretti high-chair. More than a million of them have been sold in Italy alone over the past 40 years.
Every detail of each wooden object we make is designed down to the last tiny detail to welcome the latest addition of your family into a world that is warm, tender and wonderful, not to mention very safe.
The frames that carry our products are made of solid wood treated with non-toxic, water-based paint, the size and details designed for the child with rounded corners and softened edges, the wheels block and everything is up to the strictest European safety standards.


Foppapedretti has decided to become synonymous with quality, function and safety in the field of toddlers' products made with materials other than wood as well.
Working with partners that are themselves international leaders in their industry, Foppapedretti offers a range of highly innovative products designed for children and their growth. Like the electric MyoTronic pushchair, the only one on the market with a battery-run motor to make pushing less arduous. It won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Then there is the AngelCare baby monitor, which also reads the baby's breathing pattern and the Dinamyk and Isodinamyk car seats, with lateral safety devices.
Foppapedretti offers a wide range of strollers with combined systems, as well as functional and practical strollers, all graced with a trendy and elegant Italian flair.
And then there are the sun beds, camping beds, chairs and many other things.


Foppapedretti designers put themselves in the shoes of millions of Italians to come up with hundreds of practical and intelligent solutions to make housekeeping chores easier.
Seeing as there is never enough space in the house, every Foppapedretti item must be not only functional, practical and very safe, but also take up very little room.
And, in fact, they can all be folded up into much smaller sizes and then stored away in some hidden corner of the house.
All of the frames are made of solid wood, so that they last for a very long time. To improve their functionality, other materials are sometimes also used: like stainless steel for indestructible joints, rubber for the safety features and wheels that don't damage floors.
One of the firm's bestsellers is the Asso ironing board, solid and practical and when not in use it folds up and can be stored out of sight, the easy to use, solid step ladder or the indestructible Gulliver laundry rack with 27 metres of wire to hand the wash on, but which folds up into 14 cm like magic.